Dooars - An Amazing Wildlife Reservoir

The essential gateway to the hills stations of North Bengal and Bhutan, Dooars are the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in North East around Bhutan. The name Dooars has emerged from ‘Duar’ means the gateway to northeast India and Bhutan which is starting from river Teesta in the east to river Sankosh in the west.

The concoction of nature is quite famous for its biodiversity, wildlife, forest, ethnicity and their culture. The great natural beauty of Dooars attracts ample of tourists through most notable forest including Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary, Jaldapara National Park and Buxa Tiger Reserve. The gently flowing white streams of Dooars add to the elegance of the beautiful valley. Additionally, they comprise of spectacular undulating hills slopes, widespread lush green tea estates, vast meadows with the blue outline of Himalayan ranges, and the endless sky.

Places to Visit

Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary:

Located at banks of River Murti and Raidak, Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary is most popular National Park which is extensively visited sites in the entire Dooars region. The park is spread over an area of about 80 sq km and lies on the foothills of the great Himalayas. It is a dazzling destination to visit due to its large variety of flora and fauna, untouched nature and the natural habitat of the Wildlife there. It is a home to One-Horned Rhino, Asian Elephants, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Bison and others mammals, reptiles, insects and birds. The park also encompasses 193 species of birds,7 species of turtles, 22 species of reptiles and 27 species of fishes.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is located in Alipurduar Sub-division of Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal. Jaldapara National Park is renowned for the second largest population of One-Horned Rhinoceros after Kaziranga National Park in India. It is also known for the Royal Bengal Tigers, Elephants, Bison, Spotted deer, barking deers, wild pigs much more. Apart from this, the Park is full of miscellaneous birds such as Bengal Florican, eagles, peafowl, jungle fowl, Indian Hornbills etc.

Buxa Tiger Reserve:

Buxa Tiger Reserve is located in Alipurduar Subdivision of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. The reserve is the second highest Tiger population in West Bengal after Sunder ban in India. It has been derived from 'Buxa Fort' which was used as a prison for many freedom fighters of India. It is spread in a massive area of 59sq. km and this national park is home to 67 species of mammal, 36 species of Reptiles and 230 species of unidentified fauna.


It is an enticing hamlet is located in the banks of river Jhaldhaka, close toIndo-Bhutan border in Kalimpong district of West Bengals. The small hamlet is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. Now Jhalong has become one of the most populous among adventure enthusiasts for those who are interested in nature vacations. This splendid place has numerous activities to do which attracts a gigantic number of travelers.


It is actually a riverside area along the River Murti which is basically the North Dhupjhora area. The riverside is a breathtaking spot which is near Chapramary Wildlife and Gorumara National Park as well and is also recognized as a popular picnic spot in the season of winter. The tourists who make plans for Gorumara or Chapramary also stop here at Murti to spend some fun hours at the river basin. Various wildlife animals like elephant, bison, and varieties of deer are seen in the early morning.

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